LED Ring Light | The Secret of Flawless Makeup And Photography

 In photography and filmmaking, a ring lamp is a circular lighting tool that produces even, shadow-free illumination. It is made up of a ring-shaped configuration of a tiny LED light ring or fluorescent tube, usually set on a circular frame or fastened to a stand. A ring lamp's structure is made to do away with shadows and produce a soft, diffused light that surrounds the subject being photographed or videotaped. Because of the light's circular shape, the figure is uniformly lit from all sides, giving the impression of having a halo about them. ➤ Fluorescent Ring Light: LED ring lights are similar in design to fluorescent ring lights, which use fluorescent tubes in place of LED bulbs. They generate a warmer, softer light that is more suited for portraiture in both still and moving images. A dimmer switch can be used with fluorescent ring lights to control brightness. Advantages: Ideal for portrait photography and video is the soft, warm light. The brightness can be changed usi

Flexiv Chinese Ai Series Meituanliaotechcrunch

  Flexiv Chinese 100m meituanliaotechcrunch - Flexiv, a Chinese mechanical technology organization, has gotten a 100 million dollar speculation from Meituan, a Chinese on-request benefits organization, to support its man-made brainpower (computer-based intelligence) innovation. This is an extremely enormous amount of cash that will give Flexiva a huge benefit over its opposition. With this speculation, Flexiva will actually want to turn into a forerunner in the mechanical technology market. Flexiva was established by a gathering from the US, yet the organization's center arranging is currently finished in China. The organization has filled altogether lately and presently has north of 66% of its workers in different urban communities in China and California, US. Flexiva is utilizing computer-based intelligence to work on its tasks and better foresee what's in store. The organization intends to involve this innovation to make mechanical answers for different ventures, including m